The Clinician's Injured to Elite Academy

The most comprehensive psycho-physiological method to teach you how to address the missing link in sports rehabilitation; the mental side.

Learn to maximize your client’s engagement, motivation, and outcomes through specific mental skills and strategies that will save your hands, time, and the active lifestyles of those you serve.


By the end of this online course

you will

  • Understand the science behind a psychologically informed approach for sports rehab.

  • Utilize mental skills such as mental imagery to help with your client's return to sport.

  • Integrate mindfulness into practical application with clients to manage pain.

  • Use the I2E method to apply to your own personal growth and development.

Less of this...

More of this...

To get to this...

Our clients are physically hurting but behind that they are suffering even more mentally...

Learn the non-physical side of sports rehab that school should've taught to you in order to help individuals transform their lives after injury. 


Let's face it, they need something beyond clamshells and balance exercises...

Take your career to the next level and stop relying on the things that are already frustrating you with a lack of results. What your clients need is a way to integrate mindfulness along with mental skills and strategies that form the Injured to Elite Method's psychologically informed approach.  

The Injured to Elite Method

FAQ & The Injured to Elite Academy 5 Modules 

Extras include: Workbook, 1 hour live group coaching call, and The Injured to Elite Network online community

The Injured to Elite Clinician's Academy

$49.00 USD

As a bonus you will be getting a live group coaching call and access to my online community, the Injured to Elite Network.

In this call we will be helping you troubleshoot your most challenging case and no longer feel like the life is sucked out of you when working with this individual. 

Don't wait for seats to fill up before the cart closes...

I am only offering this course for a limited time and prices are subject to increase before this cohort starts on Monday 9/19.


MLB LHP Ryan Sherriff Went From Injured to Elite in The World Series

"Dr. Dave was with me before the big leagues during my worst times in the Minor  Leagues, and was a big part of my journey getting through my injuries mentally and physically."

Don't wait for seats to fill up and prices increase