Free Live Q&A Masterclass

3 Steps to Gain Mental Health Skills for Sports Rehab that will Transform Your Clients' Lives

Wednesday September 14th at 7pm EST

Hosted by Dr. David Meyer PT, DPT

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Did you know that up to nearly 50% of injury survivors suffer from depression?

Detecting those mental health red flags might save the life of someone you are working with TODAY! Let’s start the conversation on mental health, and how you can help improve your clients lives by being aware and addressing mental health on Wednesday September 14th at 7pm EST

Spot Signs of Depression in Your Clients

In this free live Q&A masterclass, you will gain the skills necessary to identify mental health red flags in your sports rehab clients and take steps to effectively approach those clients to motivate them to get help. These skills will set you apart from your peers and will make you more desirable to potential referral sources.

These valuable skills should have been taught to clinicians in graduate school, but unfortunately were left off the curriculum. In this live masterclass, I am going to share my experiences and some of the strategies I’ve used based on research to help you spot mental health red flags in your sports rehab clients.

Your patient’s mental health might be dependent on you, so sign up for them









Learn to...

Detect the hidden signs

The first step to making rehab fun again starts with this...

Get to the root cause of pain

Sick of nothing working? It might be beyond physical.

Approach mental health with confidence 

Using this 3 step method

Get master clinician rehab outcomes!

Help put an end to their suffering

Stop wasting you and your client's valuable time missing the real source of people's struggles.

Teach me what is holding my patients back!

MLB LHP Ryan Sherriff

"Dr. Dave was with me before the big leagues during my worst times in the Minor  Leagues, and was a big part of my journey getting through my injuries mentally and physically."

I'm Ready to Lean Into Mental Health!